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Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port provides all-round logistics support

Shenzhen Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port, with an area of 3.71 square kilometers (sq km) and located about five kilometers from SCT, is at the forefront of China's open door logistics policy. Controlled by China Merchants Bonded Logistics (CMBL), Shenzhen Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port operates according to China’s highest national standards in terms of multinational operations and modern logistics development. The advantageously located zone is the trendsetter for China’s highly integrated logistics policies and functions.

customs & ciq policies

        1. imports are reported on file and exports need customs declaration; in-area companies can implement centralized


        2. cargoes in the area can be moved freely

        3. merchandise of overseas origins is free of exit-entrance license and exempt from export quots management

        4. overseas cargos quarantine instead of inspection

tax policies

        1. export cargo tax rebated upon the entry of cargoes into the area

        2 .cargo trade within the area vat and consumption tax free

        3. special tariff can be applied for cargo under preferential trade terms

        4. disused material produced by companies inside the area taxed according to exit status, no quota and license management

        5. Enterprises in the zone do not practice the processing trade bank machine account, contract verification system

        and processing trade unit consumption management

        6. machines, equipments, office supplies for self-use in the area free of import tariff and linkage tax

functions comparison

  Function Bonded Supervised Bonded logistics park (blp) Bonded port (bp)
1 Domestic cargo u-turn No No Yes Yes
2 Export consolidation (buyer consolidation – bc) No Yes Yes Yes
3 Regional distribution centre (rdc) No No Yes Yes
4 Rework and value added services (vas,Like labeling) Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Cargoes processing with changing hs code No No No Yes
6 Kitting/assembling No No No Yes
7 Storage period 1 year 0.5 year 1 year for bonded
0.5 year for supervised
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